About the web shop

Stenströms' web shop is a service for those of you, who love fashion,but who do not have the time or opportunity to visit the store in Helsingborg frequently; or simply to make shopping easier and more assessable for you.


It is intentional that we are initially only offering the men's range of Stenström's shirts. Our store and Stenstöms Shirt have a long working relationship together sharing the same goals: to offer their customers the very best. The two companies' successful collaboration guarantees that awide ranges of clothing can contiuously be offered to their customers. We would like to be an online shop which offers a wide choice in both style and size.It is our long term goal to be able to increase the range of our online shop by introducing other brands, but only when we feel that we can live up to the high standard of service which we are so proud of in our shop.


Please do visit the website of our main store in Helsingborg at Stenströms