Stenströms Superslim Shirts - The Narrowest Fit

Stenströms Superslim is our shirt with the narrowest fit. It is our most tailored shirt model that is above all characterized by the narrow sleeves and the neat, slim design around the torso. More and more often, shirts are worn as everyday clothes and in an increasingly varied style.

Until not so long ago, shirts were used only as a bottom part of a suit - and usually always tucked into the suit trousers. Today, shirts can be worn as solitary tops and you can choose whether you want the shirt tucked in or not. Although the fit of the shirt has always been important, it is, due to the spread and development of the shirt, more important than ever today.

More and more people are looking for shirts with a really slim shape that feels so obvious that the body and the shirt seem to be made for each other. Such a shirt is as we all know difficult to find but now you can finally stop looking. Stenström's Superslim is the answer for you who want the narrowest possible fit on your shirt.