Shirts & Blouses

Shirts & Blouses

Shirts & Blouses

Whether you're going to work, a dinner party or just relaxing on the weekend, the women's shirt is a savior in times of need. It is easy to match with the rest of your wardrobe, you can dress it up and down with simple means.


Feminine is slightly more figure-hugging than Oversize. The model often has cuts on both the front and back and fits perfectly under, for example, a blazer or a suit..


Stenströms most narrow fit for ladies. Slimline is designed with style and elegance for those looking for a very slim and body-hugging fit. Slimline often has cuts on both the front and back. For those looking for a roomier fit, we recommend Feminine or Oversize.


With a pleasant, loose and comfortable fit, Oversize is a model that suits all women.