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In 1883, tailor August Stenströms realized his dream and opened a shop in the heart of Helsingborg. His knowledge of how to sew shirts he had learned from his many trips to Berlin and now he took this expertise with him to convince the Swedes about fabric, fit and feel in the perfect shirt. The rumor spread quickly that the Tailor in Helsingborg made them the best shirts and in 1899 Stenström's shirt factory was started and success was soon a fact. At the same time, the store was sold to merchant Knut Håkansson, who continued to run the store with Stenström's shirts as the most important product group.

The store, Stenströms Herr & Damekipering, is located today at Stortorget 12, Helsingborg, Sweden and has done so since 1906. Today, the store is run by the Anderberg family, who are the fifth family to carry on the legacy of August Stenströms.

Stenströms - fashion with a long history

With us at Stenströms, you order exclusive clothing items online.

You can buy shirts, piques and sweaters of high quality - just as the people of Helsingborg have done in our physical store on Stortorget since 1883. At that time, the company's founder, August Stenström, had already provided the people of Helsingborg with shirts for six years with such a feeling and quality that the high demand for his shirts required a large store in the town square. Even today, a large part of our clothes comes from our partner company Stenströms Skjortfabrik.

Now feel free to browse our constantly updated collections of Stenström shirts, and don't miss our wide selection of handpicked piques, sweaters, trousers, etc. under the "Casual Wear" section.

The store today

Stenströms Herr & Damekipering is a multi-brand store with many of Europe's leading brands represented and, as the name suggests, has both a men's and a women's department. Of course, the Stenströms brand is still the most important and the range of Stenströms products, together with the webshop, is probably the largest and widest on the market. But even the most beautiful quality product stands up a bit flat if it is not delivered in the right way by the person behind it. Therefore, we are very careful and proud of the team that is part of Stenströms Herr & Damekipering.


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