These terms apply between Klarna Bank AB (publ) (“Klarna”) and you as a user of Klarna and the services, products and functions described in these terms (the “Services”). You enter into an agreement on the services by accepting these terms.

Description of the services
For Klarna, shopping is not only about finding good things and paying for them - but also about having a good shopping experience in your favorite store, a state-of-the-art app and more. Simply put: a smoooth experience, both before your purchase and after your purchase. Note, however, that for Klarnas Tjänster special conditions may apply.

1. Automatic filling of your information
In order for you to have a smoooth and friction-free shopping experience, we can remember certain information about you and use that information for automatic filling in of different address fields etc. This will save you time and allow you to focus on more important things than filling in the same information over and over again. Let us describe how this works.

Automatic filling in by entering limited information
When you use Klarna's services, we may ask for information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth and / or social security number as well as other information if applicable. We will store this information in our systems, and when you return to us or use our Services, you only need to enter some of this information such as e-mail address and postcode or social security number (depending on country) in order for us to fill in the remaining fields. with your other information.

Automatic filling through a Klarna cookie

Another method we can use to fill in your information automatically is by Klarna placing a cookie on your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). You can choose to store your information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth and / or social security number and card information at Klarna. If you do this, we then use cookies to collect this information from Klarna when you use our Services with the same device. We will then automatically fill in your information when you interact with Klarna.

More information about how we use cookies can be found in our Data Protection Information.

Deactivation of automatic filling

If you do not want to use the auto-fill feature, you can contact us to adjust your settings. You can also adjust your settings in the Klarna app or in the purchase flow at the checkout of a store that uses Klarna. You can also delete cookies from your device at any time, which will also delete our cookies.

Automatic filling when you shop directly from Klarna's app.

When you use Klarna's app, we can help you fill in your information automatically on the page you use. This is made possible by the fact that you are logged in to the app and that we then know that you are the one using our Services.

Pre-selected and preferred payment methods
Klarna may present the payment methods that we believe you prefer only when you shop. However, this treatment and presentation does not affect which payment methods are available to you. For this assessment, Klarna treats information about how you interact with Klarna such as information about your previously chosen payment methods, and purchase amounts as well as the store.

2. Klarnas app
Klarna's app, made available to you through a mobile app or web portal, is your hub for all your purchases with Klarna and all the other awesome features that Klarna offers you. In the app you can pay for your purchases, track your packages and lots more. Some functions are activated when you download the app or log in to klarna.com, while others can be activated by you after you have logged in. Exactly what features are available can vary slightly depending on which country's version of the app you have. Klarna continuously updates the app with new features and improvements. Some of the features we are most proud of are:


  • Overview of your purchases and transactions made with Klarna
  • Manage your payments
  • Easy communication with Klarna

Examples of other features we can offer depending on the country:

  • Shopping services such as search functions, overview of stores and shopping via the Klarna app
  • Tracking of order, delivery or package
  • Easy to manage returns and refunds
  • Planning your finances
  • View relevant information, stores and articles
  • View and save your purchases, transactions, receipts, photos and other materials
  • See your placed orders made in stores or units that are not related to Klarna
  • Create and share collections of goods and services
  • Custom content, features and offers
  • Overview of transactions you have made with one of Klarna's subsidiaries (Sofort GmbH, Billpay GmbH or Klarna Inc.) This will only take place after you have joined these services with one or more of these subsidiaries. Transaction data Information about these transactions, e.g. name, address, bank account number, date of purchase, amount, order information and purchased goods, will then be transferred to Klarna.

As a user of the Klarna app, you can choose to upload, publish and share content, e.g. collections, photos and nicknames. In connection with you sharing content, you agree that the content will be available to the public, which means that the information will be available to others and can be used and shared by other individuals.

You may only upload, publish or share content that you have the right to use for these purposes, and that does not violate the law, this agreement or the rights of third parties.

You agree not to upload, publish or share content that is illegal, fraudulent, inappropriate, threatening, infringes on the rights of others, offensive or criminal (such as incitement against ethnic groups, child pornography or illegal depictions of violence).

Klarna reserves the right, without obligation, to monitor, review, adjust, disable or remove content, without notifying you or a third party, in our sole discretion.

You are responsible for your uploading, publishing and sharing of content, and agree to compensate and keep Klarna protected from damage, loss or cost caused by your uploading, publishing or sharing of content, including claims from third parties against Klarna.

3. View previous purchases and transactions

We save information about your previous purchases and transactions in the Klarna app. As part of the services provided under these terms, Klarna enables you to view information about your purchases and transactions in the Klarna app.

If you want to learn more about how Klarna uses this information, or other information we have about you, see our Data Protection Information.

4. Offers and benefits
Klarna may present offers and benefits such as discounts, special events, priority for products, sale promotions, store offers, samples and gifts. The offers and benefits given to you are based on, among other things, the number of purchases, the amount you have shopped for and / or your use of Klarna's services.

Does it cost anything to use these services?
The services offered by Klarna are free of charge. Please note that interest and fees may apply when using a special Service provided by Klarna. Therefore, be sure to check the specific information for the selected Service.

Improving services
We are constantly working to improve our customer offerings so that you get an even more smoooth user experience. This may involve changes to this agreement. In these cases, we will ask you to accept the terms again before using the services.

Data protection and your personal data

If you upload, publish or share information about yourself in the Klarna app that causes Klarna to process information regarding political opinions or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, information about health or sex life (so-called "special categories of personal information" according to EU Regulation 2016 / 679 (“GDPR”)), you agree that we handle that data to perform our services.

How Klarna processes personal data when we provide the Services is described in more detail in our Data Protection Information. There you can also find more information about your rights regarding your personal information and how you can contact us if you have any questions.

Your responsibilities

When using the services, you must always provide correct information and use your correct identity. Any use of information that does not belong to you, or that you for other reasons are not authorized to use, or use of the services in an unspecified manner, will be considered as misuse. Any information related to abuse or suspected abuse may be saved and used for future risk assessment and as protection for the party (ies) concerned. Klarna reserves the right to block the services for future use.

If you upload, import or share material with Klarna, such as images, texts, receipts, information about goods, services or deliveries, or other material, you grant Klarna a royalty-free right to use and publish this material to provide the services. We have the right to remove and delete material that is uploaded or shared with us, if required by law, is offensive, infringing, or infringes on the rights of others. You are fully responsible for all material that you upload or share with us.

You confirm and agree that if you upload, import or share content that violates, or that Klarna can reasonably assume will violate the law, or your agreement with Klarna, we may terminate or disable your use of the Klarna app.

Third party services
Some features that you may use may include services provided by third parties. Tracking features provided by logistics companies are an example of this. When you use functions that depend on third-party services, you agree that Klarna uses these services on your behalf.

Your use of Google Maps in Klarna's app is subject to the Google Maps / Google Earth Terms of Use and Google's Privacy Policy at all times.

To prevent misuse of the Klarna App via the web, Klarna may use reCAPTCHA, which means that you as a user may accept Google's Privacy Policy och and Terms of Use.

Validity and termination
This agreement is valid until further notice. This means that it applies until either you or Klarna cancels it. Both Klarna and you can terminate the agreement at any time.

Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, telephone number: +46 8 120 120 00, fax: +46 8 120 120 99, e-mail address: kund@klarna.se, Swedish bank is registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office under registration number 556737-0431. The CEO is Sebastian Siemiatkowski. Klarna Bank AB (publ) is licensed to offer financial services and is supervised by Finansinspektionen. Klarna's registration with Finansinspektionen, as well as information about which countries Klarna's services have been passed on to, is available onSwedish Financial Supervisory Authority's website.

For complaints, the information available at www.klarna.com is applied. If you have a complaint against Klarna, you can send it in the manner specified on Klarna's website or by post and mark the letter with “Complaints” to Klarna's address.

If we do not succeed in resolving your complaint, you can report your case to the General Complaints Board (ARN). Klarna participates in ARN's dispute resolution procedure and is obliged to do so in accordance with applicable law. More information can be found on ARN's website. You can submit your complaint in one of the official languages ​​of the European Union via the ODR platform provided by the European Commission, and the case will then be referred to ARN. You can also contact ARN by post or in person: Allmänna reklamationsnämnden, Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, Sweden, visiting address: Kungsholmstorg 5, Stockholm