The quality of a shirt is the sum of many details. The greater the attention to these details, the greater the quality. Each Stenströms shirt consists of 23 components that are cut and assembled with exacting precision. The process involves 60 distinct operations that are checked at five critical inspection stations. Over the course of a century, the comfortable, elegant fit has been perfected by skilled designers, cutters and tailors.

Collar Stenströms

 A soft, comfortable collar. The collar and collar band undergo 25 separate operations to achieve a soft, comfortable fit. Prepressing and extra stitching prevent shape and finish from being altered by repeated laundering and ironing. At each stage of production, meticulous quality checks are performed, stitches measured and loose threads removed.

 Vented cuffs with buttons and a special edging for extra strength.

 All buttonholes are sewn with 114 stitches. 35 cm of thread is used for each buttonhole. Most buttons are hand-made from genuine, highest quality mother of pearl. For added strength, the buttons are sewn on in two distinct operations.

The sleeves are sewn on with single-needle stitching whereby each seam has at least six stitches per cm – elegant and with excellent durability.

Extra-soft interlinings in collar, cuffs and front placket.

Extra-fine stitching gives discreet seams and extra-long wear. Fine, double stitching produces optimum durability and elegant lap seams along the sides.


If treated with care, a quality shirt from Stenströms can look fresh and new for many years.
Follow the laundering instructions and the fabric will retain its lustre and the shirt its superb fit for many years to come.
Cotton shirts Light-coloured cotton shirts should be laundered at light-wash, 60° C.
Shirts with dark or printed colours should be washed separately. Always use fine laundry detergent! Avoid centrifuging and never tumble-dry your shirt in an ordinary tumble-dryer.
Hang it on a coat hanger (preferably an inflatable one) and allow it to drip dry.
Tumble-drying can only be recommended in tumbledryers with special steam functions, for instance Electrolux Iron aid. 
Shirts of silk or wool should be either hand-washed or machine-washed in cold or lukewarm water. Always use fine laundry detergent and rinse thoroughly in cold water several times. Press the water out gently, do not twist, then wrap the shirt in a terrycloth towel. Lay the shirt on a flat surface to dry at room temperature. Do not dry in sunlight, on a radiator, in a drying cabinet, spindryer or any other warm place!


1. Iron the cuffs – first inside, then outside.
2. Sleeves are ironed on both sides, from cuff to body.
3. Iron the collar on the inside first, from the top of the points towards the centre.
4. The yoke is ironed separately. Hold the collar upright.
5. Iron both front panels.
6. Hold the back pleat in place when ironing the back.